OBC Staff

Executive Office
Eric Poms - CEO
Ana Hernandez-Ochoa - COO
Brian Park - CFO
Mitch Morrall - CAO
Goldwyn Harper - CMO
Kathleen Schmidt - Vice President, Membership Services
Trish Garcia - Consultant, Executive Operations
Kasey Geddis - Coordinator, Executive Operations


Business Office
Sean Glynn - Controller
Carina Martinez - Senior Director, Business Operations
Khalil Knowles - Manager, Accounting
Mateo Diaz - Intern, Business Office
Robert Julia - Intern, Assistant to the CFO

Mike Liotta - Director, Communications
Dylan Abeles - Coordinator, Digital Media & Promotions
Tori Bookwalker - Assistantship, Digital & Social Media
Adam Keyrouze - Assistantship, Communications
Jennifer Ocampo - Assistantship, Communications (Boca Bowl)
Samantha DeVarona - Intern, Public Relations

Community Outreach
Latoya Williams - Vice President, Community Outreach
De'Marcus Terry - Coordinator, Community Outreach
Lizbeth Garcia - Assistantship, Community Outreach
Mia Merritt - Administrator, OBLA

Jason Lowry - Manager, Events & Team Operations
Isabella Leventhal - Coordinator, Events
Dwon Bogle - Assistantship, Events (OB Classic & Boca Bowl)
Callaway Depenbrock - Assistantship, ACC
Shelby Rush - Assistantship, Ambassador Program
Marykate Siegel - Assistantship, Events
James Hong - Intern, Game Operations
Justin Whitehead - Intern, Events

Human Resources
Lydia Knight - Senior Director, Human Resources
Sarah Suarez - Coordinator, Administration

Maureen Taylor - Senior Director, Marketing & Strategic Communications
Alexis Rojas - Assistantship, Marketing & Promotions
Emily Marquez - Intern, Marketing & Promotions

John Mas - Vice President, Partnerships
Ashleigh Faucette - Manager, Partnership Fulfillment
Carly Bryeans - Account Executive, Partnerships
Deja Shuler - Assistantship, Partnerships
Kaylee Christensen - Intern, Partnerships
Leonardo Cusumano - Intern, Partnerships

Ticket Office
Tyler Heinkel - Director, Ticket Sales & Services
Vernon Henley - Manager, Ticket Operations & Analytics
Brian Long - Manager, Ticket Sales
Anthony Barroso - Account Executive, Member & Client Services
Stephen Marbert - Account Executive, Corporate & Premium Sales
Adam Schmidt - Account Executive, Ticket Sales
David Atkins - Ticket Sales Executive
Javier Arriaga - Ticket Sales Executive
Octavia Powell - Ticket Sales Executive
Phillip Baumgartner - Ticket Sales Executive


Executive Office

Name Title Email
Eric L. Poms Chief Executive Officer  
Ana Hernandez-Ochoa Chief Operating Office ahernandez@orangebowl.org
Brian Park Chief Financial Officer bpark@orangebowl.org
Mitch Morrall Chief Administration Officer mmorall@orangebowl.org
Goldwyn Harper Chief Marketing Officer gharper@orangebowl.org
Kathleen Schmidt Vice President, Membership Services kschmidt@orangebowl.org
Trish Garcia Consultant, Executive Operations tgarcia@orangebowl.org
Kasey Geddis Coordinator, Executive Operations kgeddis@orangebowl.org


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