Orange Bowl Committee Elects 2019-20 Board Members


The Orange Bowl Committee held elections for its 2019-20 board of directors and officers during its February monthly membership meeting.

Newly elected as at-large board members were Ronald Albert Jr., Timothy A. Battle, Xavier E. Gonzalez, and Michael E. Moran. Also elected as an at-large member was David R. Heffernan, who was an ex officio member last year as chair of a team host committee and Andrew P. Hertz as a past president. In addition, Salo Sredni was re-elected as an at-large member. Gerald Grant Jr. became an ex officio board member as a team host committee chair.

The board then re-elected Bradley D. Houser as secretary and elected Hector Tundidor Jr. as treasurer. They join president & chair José C. Romano, chair-elect Jeff E. Rubin, first vice chair John P. (Jack) Seiler, second vice chair Frank Gonzalez, immediate past president & chair Sean Pittman and chief executive officer Eric L. Poms as members of the executive committee of the board of directors.

2019-20 Orange Bowl Committee Board of Directors 

Officers / Executive Committee

  • José C. Romano, President & Chair
  • Jeff E. Rubin, President-Elect & Chair-Elect
  • John P. (Jack) Seiler, First Vice Chair
  • Frank Gonzalez, Second Vice Chair
  • Bradley D. Houser, Secretary
  • Hector Tundidor Jr., Treasurer
  • Sean Pittman, Immediate Past President & Chair
  • Eric L. Poms, Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

  • Ronald Albert Jr.
  • Timothy A. Battle
  • Shawn D. Crews
  • Henri W. Crockett
  • Albert E. Dotson Jr.
  • Xavier E. Gonzalez
  • David R. Heffernan
  • Andrew P. Hertz 
  • Marlon A. Hill
  • Yvonne Turner Johnson
  • Vicki H. Matthews
  • Michael E. Moran
  • Jeffrey T. Roberts
  • Robert J. Shafer Jr.
  • Salo Sredni
  • Henry Viera
    • Ex Officio: Gerald Grant Jr.

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