Miami Lakes, FL – The Orange Bowl Committee held elections for its 2020-21 board of directors and officers during its February monthly membership meeting.

Newly elected as at-large board member were Jose E. Cueto, Don Slesnick III and Mario Trueba, who had previously served as a board member. Also elected as at-large members were Bradley D. Houser, who has served as board secretary of the organization for the past four years, and Gerald Grant Jr., who was an ex officio board member last year as chair of a team host committee. In addition, Henri W. Crockett, Vicki H. Matthews and Henry Viera were re-elected as at-large members.

Re-elected to the board as past presidents were Albert E. Dotson Jr. and Jeffrey T. Roberts. In addition, Sergio Abreu Jr. and Suzanne Amaducci-Adams are ex officio members of the board as chairs of the team host committees.

The board then elected David R. Heffernan as secretary. He joins president & chair Jeff E. Rubin, president and chair-elect John P. (Jack) Seiler, first vice chair Frank Gonzalez, second vice chair Yvonne Turner Johnson, M.D., treasurer Hector Tundidor Jr., immediate past president & chair José C. Romano, and chief executive officer Eric L. Poms as members of the executive committee of the board of directors.

2020-21 Orange Bowl Committee Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee

  • Jeff E. Rubin, President & Chair
  • John P. (Jack) Seiler, President & Chair-elect
  • Frank Gonzalez, First Vice Chair
  • Yvonne Turner Johnson, M.D., Second Vice Chair
  • David R. Heffernan, Secretary
  • Hector Tundidor Jr., Treasurer
  • José C. Romano, Immediate Past President & Chair
  • Eric L. Poms, Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

  • Ronald Albert Jr.
  • Timothy A. Battle
  • Henri W. Crockett
  • Jose E. Cueto
  • Albert E. Dotson Jr.
  • Xavier E. Gonzalez
  • Gerald Grant Jr.
  • Andrew P. Hertz
  • Bradley D. Houser
  • Vicki H. Matthews
  • Michael E. Moran
  • Jeffrey T. Roberts
  • Don Slesnick III
  • Salo Sredni
  • Mario Trueba
  • Henry Viera


  • Sergio Abreu Jr.
  • Suzanne Amaducci-Adams 

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