Parking Information


Hard Rock Stadium


Advance Parking Prices:
  • Limo/Bus/RV - TBD
  • All Interior Lots (Blue/Orange/Maroon) - TBD

*Note: Prices will be higher on gameday

General Parking

Premium Parking (orange, blue, maroon) is TBD in advance for all general parking lots immediately adjacent to the stadium. Parking permits can be purchased in advance through the Orange Bowl Ticket Office at (305) 341-4701.

Tailgating is permitted within the limits of allocated purchased space in all lots North of NW 199th Street. However, parking gates 15, 16, 17, and 18 on the South side of NW 199th Street are parking areas where tailgating is not permitted.


Preferred parking is located on the North side of the stadium. Suite holders located on the North sideline will be issued permits for the Maroon Lot located outside Stadium North Gate. Suite holders on the South/East/West sideline will be issued permits for the Blue Lot located outside stadium South/East/West Gate. Hard Rock Stadium has designated various parking gates for Executive Suite holders and club level patrons. 


VIP Black Card parking is located on the North, South, East, and West sides of the stadium for $80 per pass. Parking gates 1, 4 and 7 provide preferred access to and from the stadium. Black Card Parking includes private ingress/egress lanes and the option to valet.


Hard Rock Stadium has developed an exclusive parking area for all limousines and professionally driven vehicles. The limousine lot is located on the South side of the stadium within close proximity to Stadium Southeast Gate. Limousine parking permits should be purchased in advance through the Orange Bowl Ticket Office (305) 341-4701. Permits are TBD in advance and TBD on the day of the game. To access the Limo Lot, please enter Parking Gate 18. (There will be no drop-offs at any stadium gate.) All guests will proceed on foot from their limousine parking space. With a large number of limousines coming to the stadium, all similar in appearance, it is important that all limousines remain in the same parking space, making it easier to find post-game. The roadway that circles the stadium is a fire lane, and must be kept clear at all times. Therefore, it is important that all limousines park in the limousine lot and not in front of any stadium gate.


Recreational Vehicle (RV) parking is located on the Northwest side of the stadium on the Northeast end of the lot. The entrance to the RV Lot is Parking Gate 8, and is located on NW 26th Ave. To access Parking Gate 8, please proceed to NW 203rd St., and NW 26th Ave. The RV Lot has its own entrance and exit providing easier access to and from the lot. RV parking permits can be purchased through the Orange Bowl Ticket Office, (305) 341-4701 for TBD in advance. Parking the day of the game will be TBD per vehicle.

*There will not be any overnight RV parking. RVs can park on day of game only.


Charter buses will be parked on the West side of the stadium. All buses will enter through parking gate 9. Buses arriving to the stadium from any other direction will be directed to parking gate 9. Please carefully note the carrier company, bus number, and light pole number where the bus is parked prior to entering the stadium. Carriers should purchase Bus Parking Permits prior to game day through Orange Bowl Ticket Office (305) 341-4701. Bus Permits are TBD in advance and TBD on the day of the game.


Hard Rock Stadium has 250 disabled parking spaces in addition to Gate 4 drop-off/pick-up zones located at stadium gates North and South.
ADA spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to access a disabled parking space, please enter through parking gates 1, 4, or 7.
Upon arriving, the individual who has been issued the disabled placard must be present in the vehicle and present proper identification in order to access disabled parking. Once parked, the valid state-issued placard must be displayed. Out of state placards and registration will be accepted.

For more information on parking at Hard Rock Stadium, please call or text the Orange Bowl Ticket Office at (305) 341-4701.